Bundle: Summer 2023: Improve Motor Skills & Dot Manipulation


To prevent your kiddos from losing ground you gained with motor skills and manipulation skills over the school year, try this bundle to share with all of your kids over the summer! We bundled our products to offer you a great price! Save $6.00 on both products until June 30, 2023!

How To Improve Motor Skills Over the Summer

The perfect “End of the Year” Handout for parents and teachers.  Includes simple suggestions to improve fine motor, gross motor, visual motor and self-care skills.

Manipulation Dot Activity Packet

A 25-page printable packet that provides hours of fun manipulation tasks!  Perfect for parents, teachers, and therapists!  Use the progress monitoring sheets to easily keep track of your child’s goals.

1. Manipulation Dot Activity Packet

This 25-page printable activity packet provides tons of ideas for working on fine motor and in-hand manipulation skills!

Use a timer to work on speed and accuracy.

Use whatever manipulatives you have on hand; stickers, pennies, bingo chips, beads, etc.

Progress monitoring sheets are included to track your child’s ability to:

  • use in-hand manipulation
  • cross midline
  • coloring in the lines
  • sorting by capital or lowercase
  • letter identification
  • patterns
  • visual perceptual skills
  • recognizing odd and even numbers
  • counting by two’s, three’s, etc.

Work on spelling, sight words, math skills, and more!

2. How To Improve Motor Skills Over the Summer

This 8-page handout includes suggestions for School-Aged and Preschool-Aged Children.  How to improve postural control, fine motor skills, visual-motor control and more.

These are great suggestions to hand out to parents toward the end of the school year to help avoid regression.  Print yours now!

Download attempts are limited, so please download once on your computer, then share among your devices with Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

This handy resource is also available in Spanish: https://missjaimeot.com/product/how-to-improve-motor-skills-over-the-summer-in-spanish/


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