Handwriting Bundle: Handwriting Webinar + Workbook + Fonts + Rainbow Writing Printable Packet


Handwriting Bundle for Informal Handwriting Assessment and Progress Tracking (for a Limited Time save 34%)

Valued at $105+ this bundle offers resources for Occupational Therapists (OTs) and educators to improve children’s handwriting.

  • Workbook: A comprehensive guide for teaching handwriting skills.
  • Course: In-depth instruction on effective handwriting techniques with 0.2 AOTA or CTLE CEUs.
  • Fonts: Miss Jaime’s Signature Fonts (7 total) that can be used for practice and visual aids.
  • Rainbow Writing Packet: Engaging activities to make learning fun.

The bundle helps address common challenges like letter reversals and allows for customization based on each student’s needs. It aims to create a fun and effective learning environment that fosters confidence and improves handwriting accuracy.

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The new 2024 Handwriting Bundle is now available at an unbeatable price. Included in the bundle is a Handwriting webinar specifically for OTPs seeking AOTA ~OR~ Teachers NYSED CTLE Continuing Education Units (CEUs). This bundle provides a robust toolkit for teaching effective handwriting techniques. With this limited-time offer, get our best-ever pricing and continue to benefit from these resources for years to come.

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Discover the Ultimate Handwriting Enhancement Bundle, tailored specifically for OTs seeking AOTA or NYSED CTLE Continuing Education Units (CEUs). This all-in-one package includes a dynamic range of resources: a comprehensive Handwriting Workbook, an in-depth Handwriting Course, versatile Handwriting Fonts, and the engaging Rainbow Writing Printable Packet. Each element of the bundle works synergistically to support and empower children on their journey to confident and precise handwriting. Overcome common challenges such as letter reversals and transform your approach to teaching with tools designed for lasting impact.

Perfect for any occupational therapy setting, this bundle supports your efforts to boost children's confidence and accuracy in writing. The varied resources allow you to customize your teaching approach, catering to each student's unique needs. Whether refining fine motor skills or enhancing letter formation, these tools facilitate a fun and effective learning environment.

Adopt this bundle to transform your educational approach, ensure mastery in handwriting among your students, and make your sessions more impactful. With this investment, you'll not only enhance your professional capabilities but also significantly influence your students' writing proficiency and confidence. Embrace this opportunity to make a lasting difference in their educational journey.

Included in the Bundle:

  • Handwriting Webinar + AOTA CEUs or NYSED CTLE CEUs (Originally $39.99): This on-demand webinar, "How and Why to Teach Letters in Groups by Formation," is essential for any OT looking to refine their approach to teaching handwriting. It comes complete with 0.2 CEUs, a downloadable file with the webinar link, a learning assessment (must score 70% or higher for CEUs), slide handouts, and webinar references.
  • Teaching Letter Formations in Groups Workbook (Originally $29.99): A perfect complement to the webinar, this workbook provides individual pages for all capital, lowercase, and numbers. It emphasizes teaching letter formations in groups to help reinforce motor memory. This standalone resource can be used to teach, re-teach, and practice all letters and numbers, enhancing any handwriting curriculum.
  • FONTS: Miss Jaime OT - 7 Signature Fonts (Originally $19.99): Customize your educational materials with these unique, easy-to-read fonts, perfect for creating worksheets, presentations, and other teaching aids that align with your instructional style.
  • Rainbow Writing Printable Packet (Originally $14.99): Add color and fun to your teaching methods with the Rainbow Writing Printable Packet. It's designed to engage students and make learning letter formations enjoyable and visually stimulating.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your teaching and make a lasting impact on your students' handwriting skills. Invest in your professional development and your students' future by seizing this comprehensive bundle at an exceptional price. Let’s revolutionize handwriting together!

Some features from this bundle:


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