Teaching Letter Formations in Groups Basics


This is a 32-page packet contains a sampling (Not ALL) of letter formation grouping sheets. Help kids remember how to form the letters correctly by simplifying the process. Includes cheat sheets and parent/teacher handouts that you’ll use over and over.

For example, teach children how to make the letters G and O after they learn C. It’s just a little different! Teaching the letters in this manner encourages motor memory of proper formations.



Teaching Letter Formations in Groups – Get the Basics

This 32-page handwriting packet features group pages for the most common uppercase and lowercase groups. It does NOT contain all letters and numbers. Letter formations that can be taught in groups are featured on the same page to encourage motor memory.  Get cheat sheets to teach letter formations based on developmental progression, rather than A to Z.

Parent handouts and rainbow writing sheets make this packet worth its weight in gold!

You’ll reach for these pages again and again.

Please note: The “Basics” packet only contains some of the letters. It’s more of a guide. If you want all of the letters (uppercase and lowercase) and numbers (0 to 9), then please look for our Letter Formations in Groups Workbook or Jamboard Lessons (the one that is not the “Basics.”)

Where can I view the course that goes with this Letter Formation Basics Packet?  

The recommended audience includes occupational therapy practitioners, parents, or educators

How do I use the Jams?

The handwriting Google Jamboard Jams are the basic lessons to our “How (& why) to Teach Letter Formations in Groups” products. It does NOT contain all letters and numbers.

After purchase, you will download the product, make a copy for your own files, and use it over and over. The main uses for this product are:

  • Sharing your screen with a classroom
  • Sharing your screen with an individual child (e.g., teletherapy)

This product requires a Google account.

New to Google Jamboard?

Watch this short video to learn more: Jamboard for Teletherapy How-To with Miss Jaime, O.T. and Dana, The OT Guide

Want CEUs? 

The accompanying webinar is AOTA approved for .2 CUEs (2 contact hours).  You can learn more here. 


Get the complete Teaching Letter Formations in Groups digital workbook!  This features both group and individual pages to encourage motor memory and automaticity.  The full workbook (100+ pages) includes uppercase, lowercase and numbers.   Learn more here.


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