Teaching Letter Formations in Groups Jamboard Lessons for Teletherapy


Handwriting Jamboard Jam lessons that teach the letters in groups by developmental order, to simplify the process of learning proper letter formation.  Learning the letters in groups by formation just makes sense! Jams are perfect for teletherapy.


Handwriting JAMBOARD

These handwriting Jamboard Jams are companion lessons to our “How (& why) to Teach Letter Formations in Groups” products. In fact, it is the teletherapy version of the workbook!

  • Features digital pages for all capital, lowercase, and numbers.
  • Use these digital lessons for teletherapy or for traditional in-person therapy.
  • Use a mouse for improving mouse control, a stylus for fine motor skills, or fingers if using a touch screen.
  • Letter formations that can be taught in groups are featured on the same page to encourage motor memory.
  • It’s not necessary to see the webinar to use the Jams.
  • The Jams are universal and can be used to teach, re-teach and practice all letters and numbers.
  • These 100+ lessons may be used to supplement any handwriting curriculum. 

Why Jamboard?

  • Jamboard has features that are ideal for digital learning and teletherapy:
  • Share a Jam with your student over Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google classroom, or in person!. Digital options for using the lessons include pen, marker, highlighter and paintbrush.
  • Add a virtual sticky note, “Remember to start at the top!”
  • You can even use a laser pointer that disappears after a moment!






These 9 Jam Lesson packets feature:





Perfect for occupational therapy practitioners, parents, or educators who are interested in learning how to simplify the process of teaching letter formations by teaching in groups.



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