Teaching Letter Formations in Groups Workbook + Bonus Basics


A handwriting workbook that teaches the letters in groups by developmental order, to simplify the process of learning proper letter formation.  Learning the letters in groups by formation just makes sense!


Handwriting workbook

This handwriting workbook is a companion to the “How (& why) to Teach Letter Formations in Groups” webinar/course.  It features individual pages for all capital, lowercase, and numbers. Letter formations that can be taught in groups are also featured on the same page to encourage motor memory. It’s not necessary to see the webinar to use the workbook. It’s universal and can be used to teach, re-teach, and practice all letters and numbers. This workbook may be used to supplement any handwriting curriculum. 

The workbooks features:





For a limited time, when you purchase the workbook, you’ll receive ‘How to Teach Letter Formations in Groups: Learn the Basics” handout (a $10.00 value) that contains practice pages of SOME of the letters, and is a great complement to the on-demand Letter Formation/handwriting webinar.



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