We’re offering scholarships for our course!

If you’ve been following me, you know that I LOVE to help grownups HELP THEIR KIDS. Whether it’s our students, our own children, or our grandchildren,  our kiddos need us.

So many children are walking around with undiagnosed vision issues, and we understand that this pandemic has caused financial hardship for so many wonderful hardworking therapists out there.

As healthcare and educational professionals, my co-host Robert and I want to give back to our community of followers who may be facing financial hardship.

So we’re offering TEN people a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to Vision 101 for School-based Occupational Therapy Practitioners.

This is a needs-based scholarship for School Occupational Therapists and OT Assistants.

We’ll contact the winners via email.

Announcing the Winners!

Irene Kousouris

Virginia Charles Bodner

Ruqayya Ismail

Monica L. Whitman

Alison Milligan

Meghan Neureither

Nyasha Beremauro

Gaby Jonatan

Maritcelly Mendez

Colleen Redington

Scholarship Rules:

  1. Ten people will be chosen by Tuesday, February 16th at 5 pm EST.
  2. We will notify the winners by email and update this page with the winners.
  3. Winners can take the course and obtain AOTA credit FREE.
  4. Winners will be chosen based on their scholarship answers.
  5. Winners who paid for the course will be refunded.


Learn More about Vision:

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