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Unlocking Learning Potential: Transformative Visual Perception Strategies for Classroom Success


✓ Recognize how visual perception impacts a child’s ability to access the curriculum

✓ Identify visual perceptual adaptations to address performance skills in the classroom

✓ Recall key features of common school-based visual information processing evaluations

✓ Identify the benefits of using rubrics or progress tracking sheets for visual perception

Presented by Jaime Spencer, MS, OTR/L


February 14-20, 2024

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1. Handouts

Attendee Handouts—thanks for watching!

Take a look at the Handouts I’ve curated just for you on this topic!

    1. Best Toys for VP Skills
    2. Blank Rubric Tool that you’ll use over and over
    3. Eye Exam Reminder that you can print in English or Spanish, one per page or two per page, single-sided or double-sided (like English on one side and Spanish on the other)
    4. Letter Reversal Posters to help kids learn tricks to remembering common mistakes
    5. Signs of Visual Perceptual Difficulties in Kids (Red Flags)
    6. And a takeaway for the offers on sale until Wednesday  2/14/2024 at Noon EST

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3. Visual Perception Products You May Be Interested In

This 120+ page workbook is the best tool I use with my students for strengthening visual perception skills. It’s my second edition, and I’ve included an Answer Key in a second file. There are pages that work on left/right, figure ground, rotation, and patterns. So many options in kid-themed activities and holidays. It even contains progress tracking sheets and rubrics!

New & Improved! An efficient method of screening visual perception in children. Two (2) sets of milestone screeners bundled together: One (1) for Early Intervention & Preschool (ages 1 to 6 years), and now an addition set for Toddlers (ages 9 months to 2.11 years). Checkout the images of this product. A must-have for pediatric and school-based OTs working with toddlers, early intervention, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!

Are you looking for a simple but effective way to work on motor skills with minimal tools? All you need is a simple deck of cards to get the most out of this packet.  Work on bilateral coordination, fine motor skills, speed, and dexterity. Keep it interesting by timing your students and documenting their progress with the progress tracking sheet.  Bonus activities are included using UNO cards as well. 

See all my products related to Vision/Visual Perception HERE!

There are 2 pages at this link.

4. Links & Other Things I Mentioned in the Webinar

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No CEUs are available for the Unlocking Learning Potential: Transformative Visual Perception Strategies for Classroom Success webinar. If you’re looking for CEUs, check out Vision 101 or the My Shop at MissJaimeOT.com.

Get the Abstract to our Article that was published Tuesday, February 13, 2024 in JOTSEI!

Perceptions of Occupational Therapy Practitioners as Leaders within the New York State Education System

~ Jaime Spencer, MEd, OTR/L, Serena Zeidler OTD, OTR/L, & Kim Wiggins OTR/L

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