Here’s how we’re giving back and improving lives:

Investing In Our Own Profession

Advocacy takes time, energy, and money. When you purchase our advocacy t-shirts to support your career or the career of someone you love, you are supporting school-based advocacy efforts for OTPs and PTs.

You help us—to tackle the inequality that’s been the bleak reality of USA school-based Occupational Therapy Practitioners and Physical Therapists.

You really are helping to right the wrongs that OTPs and PTs face daily in the school setting.

T-shirts for Advocacy

Each purchase of an advocacy t-shirt from our Shop results in a portion of the proceeds going to supporting school-based Occupational Therapy Practitioner & Physical Therapy Practitioner causes.  The N.Y. shirts support NYSOTPAC. The U.S.A. shirts support AOTAPAC. Learn more about our struggles for equality.

Meet Amanda! She’s a school-based O.T. advocating for equality. She is also Miss Jaime’s social media guru!

Scholarships for School-based Occupational Therapy Practitioners

Miss Jaime (Jaime Spencer) and Robert Constantine join forces to present a self-paced, online seminar that provides introductory information about how vision impacts a child’s school performance, including assessment, treatment, and the role of school practitioners within vision treatment.

Full scholarships are awarded to 20 qualifying occupational therapy practitioners ($7,620.00 and counting!) every year. Miss Jaime’s goal is to bridge a gap in OTP education about our children’s vision.

I am SHOCKED at how many kids I’m sending to an OD and they are needing glasses. So grateful for this [Vision 101] class. Thank you Miss Jaime, O.T. and Robert Constantine.

Nicole, VISION 101 GRAD


This foundation is AH-mazing and Miss Jaime is a proud supporter. Her family has generations of firefighters! Grandpa, Dad, two brothers, an uncle, cousin, two nephews… Get the picture?

She is so happy to support the Fight for Firefighters Foundation, run by an old friend and firefighter, Lieutenant John Vaeth. This foundation combines two things very close to Jaime’s heart: Firemen and Occupational Therapy.

The Fight for Firefighters Foundation collects donations to build accessibility ramps for firefighters and their families. John’s crew members donate their time and talents to help the recipients regain their access to the community—so they can live life to the fullest.

Autism Speaks

Kids with autism have a special place in the special educator’s heart. According to the Centers for Disease Control, autism affects an estimated 1 in 44 children in the United States today. Many children on the spectrum benefit from school-based occupational therapy services. Learn more here.  

YOUR kind words inspire ME! ♥

“Hi Jaime, I just want to let you know you are quite amazing. Not only do you share, but you’re providing scholarships for continuing education. That is something else. With all of the horrible things happening around us, you are a refreshing role model for us all, and from what you have shared in previous emails, you have a lot on your plate. The world can learn a lot from your example. Continued success.


“Good morning, Jaime! I have also utilized the handwriting screening 3 times already, and the scoring monitoring system has given me lots of ideas to help with goal tracking. Thank you!

Happy September!


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