1.  Make a simple gift! Use fine motor skills with simple gifts kids can make using simple items such as stringing beads onto a pipe cleaner to create a bracelet.


2.  Reduce • Reuse • Recycle! Teach your kids to recycle gift boxes, bags, tissue paper.


3.  Teach kids how to fold neatly and precisely. It’s such a treat to receive a lovely, well-wrapped present.


4.  Practice handwriting with cards, labels, and tags!


5.  Estimating the right amount of gift wrapping paper… Too much paper? Will it fit?


6.  Scissor skills—of course! Cutting gift wrap is an ideal activity to have kids practice scissor skills.


7.  Wrapping—folding paper around a box or gift uses bilateral coordination (which is a fancy way to say using two hands).


8.  Cutting, folding and using tape are always ways to practice bilateral coordination!


9.  Wrapping works on so many skills that kids need everyday!!

10. Teach your child how to tie a knot or a bow!



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