A bunch of people emailed us and asked on social media:

“What causes an inefficient pencil grasp, anyway?”

There’s no easy answer to this one.

A few reasons for an inefficient or maladaptive pencil grasp are:

  • Overexposure or increased access to writing and drawing activities before a child is developmentally ready
  • Anatomy – such as poor hand strength, low muscle tone, or lax ligaments
  • Sensory processing – such as tactile defensiveness of the hands, or avoidance of the feeling of pencil on paper

And, a reason that may surprise you…

  • Primitive reflexes that haven’t naturally gone away (integrated)

There are actually five (5) different reflexes that impact a child’s grasping pattern. Here they are!

Keep in mind, every child needs to be observed to see what’s what for each individual case.

Freebie: Possible Long-term Effects of Unitegrated Infant Reflexes

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