• Are you ever frustrated trying to help a child who just can’t seem to regulate?
  • Do you ever  “walking on eggshells” with a child who has anxiety, meltdowns, and angry outbursts?
  • Would you love to help children with self-regulation, focus, and learning in ways that are enjoyable and noticeably effective?

The brainstem can be organized with simple, repetitive rhythmic movements. This can help children make huge gains in physical, emotional, speech, social, and cognitive skills.


The Brain and Sensory Foundations® course is in-depth and comprehensive. It gives you innate rhythmic movements, reflex integration, playful developmental movements, and much more. These brain-based movements release stress and build the foundations for sensory processing and functional skills.

If we want our children to focus, develop strength, achieve stillness, grow emotionally, and learn with ease—then we need to provide the innate movements that are already designed to effectively de-stress and optimize the brain, body, and sensory systems. You can learn more in the free on-demand webinar 3 Keys to Overcome Inattention, Anxiety, and Sensory Disorders (sign up below to watch it).  


The results are outstanding, as you can see in the before and after gallery. WOW.

These tools work for teens and adults too!

Parents and therapists report measurable, far-reaching results. They’re especially delighted with the improvements they’re seeing for children and teens with sensory processing issues, anxiety, and learning challenges.

I recently had the opportunity to interview a Mom who is also a geriatric Physical Therapy Assistant. Sonya took the Brain and Sensory Foundations® course to help her son, who has high functioning autism and significant speech delays. In the video below, she tells us how after just 6 days, “the changes I saw were astounding”.

Her son was able to sit through dinner, tell her about his day and TOLERATE A HAIRCUT! 


Rhythmic movements work! When you hear Sonya’s story, you may walk away with a new perspective altogether.

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Hear from a Mom & Geriatric PTA

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Sonia Story is the founder of MovePlayThrive.com and the Brain and Sensory Foundations® courses. She is passionate about rhythmic movements, and an expert in neurodevelopmental movement. She shares so much information in this free, on-demand webinar.

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