Baby shower gifts can be so dull and boring.  Finally, a different personal  baby shower gift that the new mom definitely didn’t register for, The Best Baby Shower Gift Ever

I have a confession: I hate baby showers.

And bridal showers, too.

I know it makes me a horrible person. And I am TRULY happy for my friend and their new milestone. I just hate having to sit somewhere for four hours drinking punch with no liquor in it when I could be reading a book, going to yoga, or cleaning out my closet.

I’m a terrible person. I know.

BUT—I suck it up and do my womanly duty because it’s the right thing to do and I know my friend needs the loot.

Plus, I LOVE to give presents. I always give my BEST EVER “Miss Jaime OT” baby shower gift. I’ve perfected it over the years and every one of my friends has gushed about how useful it was. Plus, NO ONE thinks to register for it.

 I can’t wait to share it with you!

Every new mom registers for diapers, bottles, and sheets, etc. They go up and down the aisles aiming their “gift gun” at all kinds of silly things that they may never end up using; noise machines, diaper genies, and special “baby” detergent.


best baby shower gift ever

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The newborn will be an infant and then a toddler before you know it, so this gift can be a HUGE help with

  1. Keeping baby busy 
  2. Helping  baby learn important skills like sorting, stacking, grasping, and matching
  3. Naturally promoting developmental milestones

So I’ve decided to share my “BEST EVER BABY SHOWER GIFT” idea and my personalized gift tag labels that accompany it.


But first, I also have a “2nd BEST EVER BABY SHOWER GIFT”. It’s perfect for the mom who already has everything:  A cute child-size

table and chair

This gift is a MUST-HAVE for new moms—child-size furniture is so helpful in teaching proper positions for eating and coloring.[/caption]

table and chair set.  It’s great for little ones who are learning to write because it puts their body in the right position.  As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, I am really passionate about that.

It’s great for little ones who are learning to write because it puts their body in the right position.  As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, I am really passionate about that. More about that here.

But back to the BEST EVER BABY SHOWER GIFT. If you are looking for a new idea or something fresh and different, OR you took too long and everything is gone, this is perfect.

A basketful of developmental toys. Plus, 16 personalized toy tags that label the ages the toys should be played with and how to use them to promote developmental milestones. It’s the perfect How-To for New Moms. It includes parenting tips from a childhood development expert!  Print your free toy tags here.

best baby shower gift ever

To start, a soft toy chest or wicker basket is perfect for housing all the toys. Plus, it makes it easy to carry into the shower.

 One time, I fell carrying a “toddler/infant” mattress into a shower. Never again. These toys are easy to carry. (I told you I hate baby showers!) 

Accompanied by my toy tags with milestone ages, it’s a win-win.

The best baby shower gift ever

1.  Stacking rings


2. Nesting Cups    


3.  Large Peg Puzzles      


4.  Soft Blocks and Stacking Blocks    

5.  Shape sorters     


6.  Pull string toy


7. Pound Toy


8. Put in/Take out Toys— Tea Set, Pegs


 9.  Pull and Go Toys 

10. Mirrored Toys


11. Rattles


 12.   Tactile Balls


13.  Musical Toys

14.  Tummy Time/Kick Mat

15. Soft Books

16. Stringing Toys


Assembled together in a cute little toy box or wicker basket, this makes the PERFECT Baby shower gift. The one that all the “ladies” will ooh and aah over. Plus—it’s different. You never see developmental toys on that darn bingo sheet. The printable tags are the perfect accompaniment. best baby shower gift ever


Don’t forget to print your developmental toy cards!


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The Play Gym by Lovevery

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