Today, my friends, I’m excited to talk about one of my all-time favorite OT toys—the fabulous CLACK! game!

Tiny But Mighty

CLACK! may be small, but let me tell you, it packs a punch! This small, compact game comes with magnetic discs that click (or clack) together, each adorned with a variety of different shapes and colors. It includes two dice, one for shapes, and the other, colors.

So, how do you play? Oh, there are countless ways! Roll the dice or don’t (your call!), and dive into a world of sorting, matching, and color-coordinated adventures. It’s like a mini-Olympics for cognitive skills!

Versatility at Its Best

One of the things that make me adore CLACK! is its versatility. With younger kiddos, you can keep it simple—sort by color, shape, or both! As they grow, kids can compete against each other in a thrilling race to find matching pieces. It’s a game that evolves with your child, and as a mom—that’s money well-spent.

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And did I mention the pieces are big? No mess, easy cleanup—a mom’s dream come true. Plus, it’s travel-sized, making it the perfect companion for family trips. As an OT, I appreciate a toy that’s not only effective but also convenient, easy to clean, and light-weight.

Think Outside the Box

Confession time: my daughter and I rarely play CLACK! the way it’s supposed to be played. But here’s the magic—you don’t have to! The adaptability of this game is fantastic. It’s not just a game, it’s a canvas for creativity. We play it on the floor, over a ball, with one hand, with two hands—the possibilities are as endless as a child’s imagination.

Why I Love It

As an OT, I have a checklist for must-have toys. CLACK! checks all the boxes. It’s a multitasking marvel that works on various skills—visual perception, fine motor, gross motor, crossing midline, you name it. Plus, it’s affordable (yay, Amazon!) and light as a feather.

The durability is another winner. I toss it in my sink, spray it with Windex, rinse it off, and voila!—good as new. This game is not just a passing fad, it’s here to stay for my entire career.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a visual perceptual toy that’s as delightful as it is beneficial, I wholeheartedly recommend CLACK!

And hey, if you’re curious about more OT-approved toys, check out my freebie list of the Best Toys for Visual Perceptual Skills.

Hope you enjoyed this Motor Monday! Don’t forget to spread the love—share this blog with your OT pals. Here’s to happy clacking and skill-building fun!

Have an awesome day, everyone!


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