How to Make a Do-It-Yourself Weighted Fidget

I’ve been blogging a lot lately about fidgets and fidgety kids. Parents and teachers are always looking for a way to keep fidgety kids quiet and focused. Weighted items like vests or lap pads are commonly used by teachers to help kids who are fidgety, restless, and unfocused. Fidgets are another common request – they are great for keeping busy fingers quiet while the rest of a child’s body is attending to the lesson at hand.

I found this car mitt at the Dollar store. I decided to create a Do-It-Yourself weighted fidget for one of my very inattentive kids who is always touching something (or someone). It cost $2.00 with items from the Dollar Tree and about ten minutes of my time.

Here goes!

 How to Make a Weighted Fidget 

Fidget Shopping List


You need to buy:
1 Microfiber CarWash Mitt  $2.00
1 bag of beans (the bigger the better) $1.00


What to do:
1) Use scissors to make a slice in one of the sides of the mitt.
2) Fill the bag with as  many beans as possible.
3)  Sew the two sides back together with a quick “loop around” stitch.

This literally took less than ten minutes of my time. What I like about this fidget is the little nubs of the mitt as well as the weight- it is calming, focusing, and perfect for fidgety fingers.

$2 bucks and ten minutes for a weighted fidget! This is perfect for a Do-It-Yourselfer! Do you have any good DIY crafts? Please share!

Also- Sometimes, you may find a “Car Wash Mitt” instead of a cloth. In this case, your project is a tiny bit different. Check out this video.


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Happy Sewing!

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~ Miss Jaime, O.T.

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