“Nothing changes if nothing changes.” (Donna Barnes, author of Giving Up Junk-Food Relationships)

If you and I want things to improve for OTps and PTs in the school setting, doing nothing is not an option we have.


It’s OK to say it when something is unfair. 

It’s OK to have opinions and to voice those opinions in a professional and educated manner. 

Here’s the deal: Occupational and Physical therapy professionals aren’t categorized equally to other related service providers (as educators) in almost EVERY state in the USA.

This creates a barrier to advancing to higher paying leadership positions, infusing our distinct training and holistic mindset about child development throughout the school community, and from achieving parity with other related service providers. 

If this isn’t cool with you, then let’s get this unfair and unequitable situation in check.  


Are you ready to advocate for yourself AND your profession?

Good. Then let’s get started. 


Occupational Therapy Month is almost over, but I’ve got more advocacy resources coming your way.  Get ready!

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