Learning how to write clearly and legibly is an important skill that we use throughout life. Placing the letters properly on the lines is an important part of legibility. In this video, I share ways to assess and progress monitor Letter Placement and even write a SMART Goal on an IEP for it. 

I hope you find it as helpful and timely as I do!

Handwriting is an essential life skill

SMART Goals can be 3-5 sentences long, and if you make each specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely—you will be well on the way to helping your kiddos reach their goals. 


Keep these questions in mind to help you develop goals. For today’s Motor Monday, I’d like to focus on Letter Placement, monitoring the child’s progress in placing those letters on the line!

Watch this video to have an overview of assessing your child’s Letter Placement.

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