Response to Intervention Mini-book


Learn about the RTI process with this e-book, designed for digital reading or in printed format!

Learn what Response To Intervention is, and what it’s not. Digest the 3-tiered approach, as well as the latest terminology and what they mean. Understand the RTI roles of Occupational Therapy and Parents. And get links to resources and references to further expand your knowledge on the topic.


An 11-page mini-book detailing the Response to Intervention Process (RTI).  

This printable mini-book is perfect for parents. Therapists and teachers can use this simple packet to help parents understand the Response to Intervention (RTI) process.

• Why isn’t RTI considered a Special Education service?

• Is my child’s school obligated to provide RTI services?

• Who receives RTI?

• What are the three-tier supports?

• What happens if RTI isn’t helping my child make progress?




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