Bundle: School-based OTs Treat The Whole Child + Posters



Get your 17-page Bundle: School-based OTs (SBOTs) Treat the Whole Child + 16 posters that explain all the disciplines SBOTs address with school children.

Getting ready for back to school?

Need a quick OT bulletin board?

These colorful, easy-to-read definitions of OT components help the general public understand what OT is really about.

These handouts also make great cover pages for home exercise programs and activity packets.


Twelve Occupational Therapy 11′ x 8.5″ posters, including one with all 12 disciplines, describing (with words and illustrations) each area school-based OTPs address with children.

The summary poster (portrait size, 8.5″ x 11″) is a visual display of all the specialized areas that are covered by school-based OTPs.

Versatile and parent-friendly—use for activity packets, home exercise programs, and makes a fantastic bulletin board that helps to educate parents and school professionals alike.









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