Sensory Vests Presentation | Presentation for OTPs to give to Teachers and School Staff

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Miss Jaime has taken the work out of School-based OTPs bringing teachers and school staff up-to-date on the impact visual perception has on learning. This is a ready-made presentation that you can purchase (school reimbursement?) and present to your colleagues with ease for years to come.

  1. Slides (PowerPoint or Google Slides)
  2. Key Talking Points & Transcript
  3. Video Recording (MP3 file)


Empower Educators & Parents: Best Practice for Using Sensory Vests in Schools with Miss Jaime’s Done-For-You Presentation!

Transform Student Learning & Behavior with Sensory Support

Are some students struggling with focus, anxiety, or hyperactivity? Sensory processing issues can significantly impact a child’s ability to learn and thrive.

Miss Jaime’s ready-made, research-backed presentation equips Occupational Therapy Practitioners (OTPs) to educate parents and school staff about the benefits of compression and weighted vests for children with sensory processing challenges.

Save Time & Make a Lasting Impact:

  • Content-Ready: Professionally designed Canva slides with clear objectives, engaging visuals, and expert insights from Miss Jaime, a trusted school-based OT.
  • Deep Dive into Sensory Vests: Explore the science behind sensory processing and how vests provide calming deep pressure stimulation.
  • Evidence-Based Benefits: Learn how vests can improve focus, reduce anxiety, and enhance participation in school activities.
  • Customizable & Comprehensive: Adapt the presentation to your specific needs and add your personal touch.
  • Recorded Presentation Option: Share Miss Jaime’s expertise virtually or use it for personal practice.


Free Sensory Vest Evidence & Permission Slip Packet comes with this DFY Presentation (a $19.99 value)

Invest in Student Success:

Equip educators and parents with the knowledge to support children experiencing sensory challenges. Sensory vests can be a powerful tool for promoting focus, emotional regulation, and overall learning potential.

Get Miss Jaime’s Presentation Today!

Become a Champion for Sensory Support & Unlocking Student Potential!

P.S. Remember, OTPs are more than “handwriting teachers.” We play a vital role in helping children overcome sensory challenges and achieve academic success!



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