Visual Perception Milestone Screener


New & Improved! An efficient method of screening visual perception in children. Two (2) sets of milestone screeners bundled together: One (1) for Early Intervention & Preschool (ages 1 to 6 years), and now an addition set for Toddlers (ages 9 months to 2.11 years). Checkout the images of this product. A must-have for pediatric and school-based OTs working with toddlers, early intervention, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!

A quick and easy way to assess and monitor a child's visual perceptual skills. Are the kids in your life meeting age-appropriate milestones?

This digital, downloadable, printable product features:

  • Early Intervention & Preschool section
    • a one-page list of milestones from 1 to 6 years
    • plus two progress tracking sheets.
  • Toddler section
    • a one-page list of milestones from 9 months to 2.11 years
    • plus two progress tracking sheets.

This is good for parents, teachers, and therapists!

This product provides checklists that highlight different aspects of visual perception and their expected master dates. Use the screener to determine a child is meeting age expectations. Then use the progress tracking as a guide to outline a path skills to work on in developmental order.

Visual perception is defined as the process of receiving and understanding information received through the eyes. It's an "umbrella term," meaning there are a lot of different types of visual perception. Visual perceptual skills are also referred to as visual information processing. These skills play an integral role in a child's ability to learn letters, read, play, and perform self-care skills.

This is a fast and convenient way to monitor your student's progress with foundational visual perceptual skills.

This handy resource is also available in Spanish (does not include toddlers at this time):



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