A powerful sensory processing resource can change your life

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Do you remember when you first started using Pinterest?  Really using it on a daily basis?

I do.

Discovering  Pinterest literally changed my life. All of a sudden I was:

  • A cook with tons of healthy and fresh recipes
  • A DIY ninja who could change my own electric outlets (Yes, I did that!)
  • A budget-diva who could wear thirty different outfits using only ten pieces of clothing that were already in my closet   

Not to mention the TONS of awesome OT activities and hacks I discovered, pinned, and started to use every day as an OT.

A resource like that is worth a million bucks.  

I FOUND ANOTHER ONE… A Sensory Processing Resource.

Yep, it’s true. As good as Pinterest.  This will make you a more understanding parent. And a more empathetic therapist. And an adult who generally has awesome ways of helping their kids with Sensory Processing issues.  Which, BTW, is also worth a million bucks.

I’d like to introduce you to Sensory Processing 101 – the must-have Sensory Processing Resource.

You’re Welcome!

Here’s why this book is a game changer for parents, teachers, and therapists.


  1. Cheat sheets for each sensory system.  They list avoiding or seeking behaviors and quick activities to try
  2. A comprehensive, easy to understand breakdown of each sensory system – from a parent’s point of view AND a therapist’s perspective
  3. Common myths about sensory processing- busted!
  4. Index by behavior – find exactly what you are looking for!
  5. Reproducible, easy-to-read sensory checklists, teacher handouts, quick reference guides and supply lists for each system
  6. “Red flag behaviors” for each system
  7. Recipes for simple and fun non-food sensory play
  8. Recipes for healthy smoothies- Did you know that sucking is an organizing sensory activity that helps increase attention?
  9. Signs that your child’s behavior is more than “just a phase”
  10. Tips for moving beyond “just a phase” to get the help you need


No offense intended to the Pin-aholics out there- I’m with you, believe me.

But a sensory resource like this is just as powerful.

It should be on every therapist’s bookshelf.

And it’s a game-changer for parents, too!

My personal favorite features are the reproducible “cheat sheets” with quick and easy suggestions for sensory activities.  It’s so helpful to hand a teacher a page of suggestions that they can immediately implement in the classroom.

It makes ME a go-to resource for teachers, which is one my personal goals.

Want to learn more about Sensory Processing 101? Here’s the home page – check it out for yourself!


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