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Parents often ask me for my favorite Sensory Resources.  I recently did a parent workshop to speak about OT tips and tricks for children with Sensory Processing Difficulties. I decided to put together a simple list of my go-to books, toys, and equipment for Sensory Processing.  So here it is!



Books are always a great Sensory Resource!  These are my go-to books, for kids and parents.

Books To Read To Your Sensory Kid…

Read My Book Review


Kids need to move! Here are my favorite Sensory Resources that provide Movement.

Wedge Seat Cushion

Spooner Board


Disco-sit Cushion

Hammock Swing

46" Web Riders Web Swing - Black

Spider Swing


Deep pressure over large portions of the body can be very calming.

Pressure Vest

Bean Bag Chair


Weighted Vest

Body Sox


Weighted Blanket


I’ve written a lot of posts about fidgets and tactile materials for kids.  A really good fidget is quiet, unobtrusive, and really tactile!

Sensory Sticks

Stress Balls



FIDGIPOD Sensory Massage PAD for Special Needs/Carpal Tunnel


Fidget Pencils

Check Out This Sensory Mini-Course!

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This mini-course provides a great starting point by eliminating the questions and confusion about sensory processing so that you can truly begin to understand the role sensory plays in your child’s life.

The content is easily delivered through 3 PDFs and accompanying videos, along with an incredibly useful workbook.  All these explain the sensory system, how it functions, and how it affects your child.  In this mini-course, you’ll learn:

1. Which Actions are Linked to Sensory and Why They Happen
2. What Sensory Processing is…
3. How to Tell if it’s Sensory or If it’s Behavior
4. An Overview of Each Sense
5. How to Start Addressing the Sensory Needs Effectively

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Check back! I will continually add to this list as I discover new favorites.  If you have a favorite, please let us know- we love to discover new resources!


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