By Miss Jaime, O.T.

Activity by: Amanda Spielberg

OTPs know a secret that we want to broadcast to all parents, teachers, and adults with kids in their lives: Playing makes learning fun! Kids learn while playing! 

As we start the summer break, let’s talk about kids learning, retaining, and increasing skills that will keep minds sharp and skills strong! 

And because I’m always budget-minded, (not only in my classroom but for kids from less fortunate families). What’s cheaper than a box of colored chalk (regular-size chalk is my recommendation) or a bucket of sidewalk chalk?

What can kids “work on” while playing with chalk?



Practice drawing shapes and lines. You can let your child copy or imitate depending on their skill level.



Practice writing your name or all of the letters of the alphabet.


Fine Motor

Break the chalk into smaller pieces to promote a tripod grasp.


Visual Perceptual

Color in shapes and try to stay within the lines.



Play games such as Hang Man, Tic Tac Toe, or Pictionary.


Upper Body Strength

Use a hammer or a rock to break the chalk into smaller pieces.


Shoulder Strengthening

Draw with chalk on a vertical surface such as a wall or bricks. This builds wrist stability as well.


Visual Motor Integration

Create a bullseye and toss rocks or bean bags at the target.


Visual Motor Integration

Draw lines on the ground and have your child trace them.


Gross Motor

Make a hopscotch game and practice jumping, balance, and coordination.



Wet the chalk and then draw with it. How does it feel?



Create a sensory motor course by drawing different lines to walk on.


Crossing Midline

Sit on the ground and draw using large strokes. Try creating a rainbow and draw big arches from left to right.

The sky is the limit! Kids can draw comics, stories, people, shapes, letters, numbers!

Let the kids make up a game… for groups, each person has to make an instructed move (like Mother May I), and if they take two twhirly steps, they must draw a circle around their feet to be safe from capture from the person that’s “it” or join his/her team! 

I have a handy printable that makes this info easy to take on the go!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll use this freebie year after year!

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