Students who struggle with getting their thoughts on paper and HATE writing will LOVE this game-changing app called SnapType Pro.

With two weeks left of school, the middle school was HOT and sticky. The smell of sweaty teenagers who just didn’t want to be in school permeated through the hallways. As I sat across from the teenager who “HATES writing,” I could see his face growing red.

The tears were building up.

And he still had one more essay to finish.

Having to concentrate on a final exam is just torture for anyone, but it’s even worse for a child with a disability.   

Thank goodness I found a way to help this poor child. 


Does this sound familiar? 

If you know someone who is dysgraphic, you’re familiar with the symptoms.

  • Messy handwriting
  • Difficulty putting thoughts down on paper
  • Physically slow when writing
  • Difficulty with spelling
  • Organizing words and sentences is a challenge

These are just a few of the symptoms, but dysgraphia is a specific learning disability that affects a person’s ability to write and express themselves on paper. It can be both physical and cognitive.

The sweaty teenager was struggling with all aspects of his final essay. Physically, his hands were tired. The words smushed together on the page because he kept forgetting to space.  He kept trying to “cut corners” by not adding details, text-based evidence or anything else that meant more writing.  Which in turn, would affect his final grade.


But Here’s The Good News…

I can now make a chore like this a little easier for students with dysgraphia.  I found an AMAZING new app called SnapType Pro.

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SnapType Pro


What is this amazing app?

This app basically removes the writing component from a student’s tests, worksheets, and class assignments. Instead of stressing the kid out, you find out what they really know.  Awesome!


Here’s How It Works:

1. Use SnapType Pro to take a picture of any test, worksheet, or piece of paper.

2. The student uses the app to type on the paper.

3. Save it, email it, print it, whatever!

This way, kids can do their homework, short answers, essays, etc.  This can be a real game-changer for that brilliant child who loses points because he doesn’t include details.  Or the child who REFUSES to write in complete sentences.

With SnapType Pro, you can create folders for different subjects, and store UNLIMITED pages.   You can also change the color of the background, which has been shown to help students with certain vision impairments or reading disabilities.  The free version doesn’t have all the features, but you can still get the gist if you want to check it out!

NO WRITING!  FINALLY – A way to get the information out that doesn’t require physical handwriting.

But Does It Work? 

This is the solution that many parents, OTs, and special education teachers have been praying for.

Have a student who writes as little as possible?

Is unable to manipulate a pencil?

Tantrums when expected to write?

SnapType Pro is the answer!

Think you need this app? Try the free version of SnapType.  It doesn’t have all the features of SnapType Pro, but it’s still great.

Your struggling students who HATE writing will definitely thank you. My dysgraphic middle school student is already loving this “miracle app” that alleviates some of his anxiety and stress. No more tears for him!  Now he can complete his work in a more timely manner, without the stress of physically writing things out.

Download SnapType for free here
Download SnapType Pro here.
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I found out about SnapType Pro when I went to the American Occupational Therapy  (AOTA) Conference in April.  I was able to meet Amberlynn Slavin, a senior Occupational Therapy student who invented  “SnapType for Occupational Therapy” and “SnapType Pro before she even graduated from OT school.  WOW.

To learn more about how SnapType became a reality and how to bring your own invention to life, you can read my interview with Amberlynn here.



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