Have you ever seen a kid burst out crying for no reason? I know I have. The thing is, there is always a reason. Whether it’s because they are scared, tired, disappointed, or anything else, there is ALWAYS a reason.

No matter how silly it may seem to us, something is bothering them and it’s important enough to cause a physical effect for that child.

In my opinion, it’s the WORST when a child can’t tell you how they are feeling. Many times this is because they simply don’t know. Children rarely spend time learning about emotions and feelings. There are children’s books and stories that may help. But most kids learn by picking up simple social cues and digesting the actions of their parents and peers.

For some kids, that’s just not enough. Some kids need practice with figuring out how they feel and what that means.

express emotions

You know how horrible it is when you are terribly embarrassed? When you feel mortified and want to crawl under a table? Now imagine if you couldn’t understand why you even felt that way – uggh.

I’m so excited to review these adorable visual cues which are absolutely perfect for teaching your child to express their emotions. They were created by Heather Gruetman over at “Growing Hands on Kids” blog.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I was provided with a copy of the emotion cards so I could write this review. All opinions are my own.

A simple solution to the child who can’t express emotions

express emotions emoji

 The Front Side of the “Happy” Emoji Emotion Card

express emotions

 The Back Side of “Happy” including the definition, synonyms, and helpful tips to discuss the emotion

These Emotion Postcards are each 6X4 and they are easy to download and print. They come in a pdf file. The front of the card features an emoji or child’s face and the corresponding emotion (Happy, Sad, Angry, Confused, Crying, Disappointed, Fear, Laughing). The back of the card describes the emotion and offers synonyms with tips to explain the emotion to a child.

I think these Emoji emotion cards would be perfect for a therapist, social worker, or psychologist working with children. They would be so easy to laminate and use with any child, regardless of age or gender.

express emotions boy

The Emotions Card come in Boy or Girl sets, too!


Click here to see more samples on GrowingHandsonKids.com

As a parent wanting to work with a daughter or son on learning how to express emotions, these boy or girl emotion cards are perfect, too!  What a simple but effective way to teach your child how to express what they are feeling.

One genius way to teach a child how to express Emotions like Anger or sadness

As an Occupational Therapist, I’ve worked with many children on the spectrum to identify facial expressions and social cues.  I’ve practiced making faces for teens on the spectrum and asked them to identify if I was angry, happy, sad, disappointed, etc.  It can be a difficult concept to grasp, especially if understanding social cues is part of your disability.  These cards are an awesome go-to therapy tool.  Plus, they are easy to transport and small enough for my therapy bag. A win-win!

You can get your EMOJI EMOTION Cards here for $9.00

You can get your Girl or Boy Emotion Cards here for $9.00

Or you can get the full set for $18.99

I’m excited to print these 6X4 cards out on cardstock and laminate them. Another inspiring tool for my “OT bag of tricks”. What tricks do you use to help your child express emotion? Please share in the comments section!

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