The Twiddle® Sensory Toy is the answer you’ve been looking for!


I’m so excited to write about a new product I found called the Twiddle®.  This is a sponsored post, which means I was compensated to write about the product.  I only endorse products that I use personally in my practice, and the Twiddle® Sensory Toy is a new favorite.

Twiddles are soft, therapeutic activity/comfort aids that assist caregivers and professionals specializing in children with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, developmental disabilities, and more.

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Twiddle® Sensory Toy

What is a Twiddle® Sensory Toy and what is it for?

The Twiddle intrigued me when I first saw it – what an awesome idea!  It’s a comforting, engaging tool that looks like a toy or a stuffed animal but functions as a sensory aid to keep a child’s hands busy and mind focused.

It has gadgets on the outside and a soft flexible plastic orbit ball on the inside; perfect for active hands that like to squeeze, pull, and play!

The Twiddle keeps tireless hands busy and provides a quiet, comforting way for children to self-regulate with tactile stimulation.  It’s the perfect addition to a “calm down” box for busy classrooms. It could be a lifesaver for a family with a child who has difficulty with social interaction, sensory processing, and finding that “just-right” zone of regulation.

Twiddle® Sensory Toy

Twiddles’ Amazing Features

  • Includes a variety of removable and interchangeable gadgets such as textured ribbons, wooden beads on a loop, a crackly pouch, and a Velcro® pull tab.
  • Machine washable and dryable- just detach the gadgets first
  • Flexibility – switch the gadgets around to keep it fresh, or substitute your child’s preferred gadgets for the interior orbit ball
  • Includes a pocket for “favorite items” or necessities such as tissues
  • Endorsed by “”  and IBCCES Certified Autism Resource
  • Safety-tested by to meet U.S. and European standards
Twiddle Sensory Toy

But Does the Twiddle® Sensory Toy Work?


“Connor” is a 7-year-old boy who presents with all the classic symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is inattentive and has a constant need to be moving.  His mom contacted me with a question.

“We understand his need for sensory input. At home, we let him jump and flap, but what can we do to help him sit still at church or for long car rides?”  He needs something to DO.”

His mom had tried a “bag of toys” for church but Connor would drop or throw the toys and then climb around the pews to get them back. You can fasten the Twiddle around your child’s waist with a belt, so it’s “undroppable.”  Connor LOVES his dog, “Barney” at home, so his mom chose the TwiddlePup for Connor.  It comes with four detachable gadgets that can be moved to different spots or removed altogether.    Connor’s mom was happy that the Twiddle is machine washable, so she didn’t have to worry that he was putting something dirty near his face.

The Twiddle turned out to be perfect.  Connor’s favorite part was the squeezy orbit inside the Twiddle.  His mom reported that he played with it for a lot longer than she expected. It kept both of his hands actively engaged and quiet.  ” He was much calmer than usual” she admitted.  The Twiddle helped him to self-regulate so he could tolerate staying in the pew with his family. 

Perfect For The Car

 “We are driving to Hershey Park next weekend, so we are definitely bringing the Twiddle sensory toy for Connor in the car.  Sometimes I give in and let him have the IPAD, but I know that too much screen time is harmful. Now I don’t feel like I’m taking something away because he loves playing with his Twiddle Sensory Toy.”

As a pediatric OT, I’m always excited to find a new “tool” to add to my bag of tricks.  Finding a calming, engaging therapeutic toy to help a child self-regulate without medication is like finding treasure!  The Twiddle® Sensory Toy comes in a variety of styles, including the TwiddlePup, TwiddleCat, Twiddle Classic and Twiddle Sport.   You can learn more about each style on the Twiddle website. 

Twiddle Sensory Toy

The Twiddle Sport

Twiddle Sensory Toy

The TwiddleCat

The Twiddle Sensory Toy Twiddle Sensory Toy

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