I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how hyped kids get just before (or after) a school break, or just on a random Tuesday.

And being a lifelong yoga lover + an occupational therapist, I love to combine yoga and fun!

I’ve got 3 yoga games to share with you. They are easy to play, and simple instructions get the kids started very quickly.

Get the handout below.

Dicey Yoga

All you need is a die to roll. The teacher can roll the die for the whole class, part of the class, or kids can roll for themselves. Either way, depending on the amount of time you select, the kids can do the yoga poses for that number. For example, if you roll one (“snake eye”), the kids will alternate between cat and cow poses for 10 seconds.

Yoga Board Game

Throw a die and move your counter along the board. Can you hold the pose for 10 seconds? If so, move forward one space. If not, move backwards one space.

Yoga Cube

Similar to Dicey Yoga, kids can cut and assemble the DIY cube to roll like a dice. Pose in the position that lands on top for the allotted time, such as 10 seconds!

Play any of the games with soft music playing in the background. Kids respond to yoga poses by calming down and relaxing as they stretch their little bodies. Adults benefit, too!

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