Sensory kids can be tricky. 

Different kids can like or dislike different sensations. I like to recommend weighted things because I find that they can be calming and grounding for children who are sensory seeking, anxious, impulsive, or hyperactive. They can also be used as “heavy work” for kids who need to “wake up” or get moving.

Picking out a gift can be so frustrating.

This year I thought I’d make a quick list of my top favorite NEW sensory toys – ones that are unique and probably not already in your child’s toy box.

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A Weighted Teddy Bear

This weighted teddy bear is too adorable. It looks like a typical toy but provides a weighted sensation that can be comforting. Click the image to learn more!

A Weighted Cap

This weighted cap is so cool! I love that it looks just like a regular hat, but it is weighted to provide extra input to the head. Such a brilliant idea! Click the image to learn more!

Emotions Putty

Changes color as you squeeze it, encouraging kids to twist, pull, and squeeze. You can put it in the freezer, too. The colors are engaging and fun. I love putty because it gets those fingers nice and strong! 

Click the image to learn more!

Vibrating Sensory Toys

So many of my students love toys that vibrate. This fox is rated for babies and young kids, but it’s tactile and has lots of different textures for fidgety fingers. Adorable!

Click the image to learn more!

The Desk Buddy

This is such a great gadget for homework time. If you’ve got a wiggly, fidgety kid, try the desk buddy. Your child can use it for tactile input and appropriate “fidgeting” while remaining seated for homework time. Many parents have sent one in for the classroom, too.

Click the image to learn more!


Chewable jewelry is a safe alternative for children who tend to put everything in their mouths. Rather than biting their pencil or their shirt, they can stick this non-toxic chewable necklace in their mouth instead.

Click the image to learn more!

Resistance Tunnel

This one was a favorite at the sensory clinic where I used to work!  I love anything that gets kids crawling because it works on so many other skills. The resistive fabric of this tunnel provides sensory input as your child climbs and crawls through. It’s SOOO fun!

Sensory Compression Bed Sheet

Compression sheets are a great alternative to weighted blankets, which to some kids feel restrictive, while providing warmth and the sensation of being held close. As snug as a bug in a rug!

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Sensory Hammock Swing

The perfect gift for kids who love to snuggle or swing, these Hammock swings are good for outdoor or indoor use. 

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Sensory Crash Pad

Crashing into a giant cloud is so much fun for a sensory kid, but this crash pad can also be used as a relaxing oasis to “calm down”, read, or just chill. Perfect for a sensory or playroom.

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For Sensory Parents & Caregivers

No Child Left Unwrapped

A book that offers hope, peace, and a unique point of view.

No Child Left Unwrapped, written by Audiologist Shelly Francis, is the perfect book for parents, caregivers, teachers, and therapists who work with children who don’t “fit a certain mold.” The author has a unique and beautiful way of looking at children. Do you know a child who struggles to pay attention? To communicate with other children or adults? To manage their highly sensitive feelings? To show the “right” emotions? Do you worry that life is going to be hard for this child… forever?

No Child Left Unwrapped challenges us to look at our children differently than we ever have before. Our society is based on an old paradigm that is no longer serving our children and youth of today. It’s time for us to help our children discover their unique awesomeness because every child is born with beautiful gifts that are meant to be unwrapped and shared with the world.

Click the image to learn more!

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