The holidays are around the corner and it’s crunch time to find the perfect Lefty Gift.  In the spirit of the last-minute search, here are some cute ideas for the Lovely Lefty In Your Life.

Lefties are forced to live a Right-handed world.  It’s just not fair!

As I’ve stated before, Lefties often claim to be “ambidextrous”. The real truth is that Lefties are forced to adapt to right-handed furniture, school supplies, kitchen utensils, and even jewelry! So in the spirit of the holidays, here are some cool lefty gift ideas for ALL the Lovely Lefties in your life!

From the Little Lefty who is struggling in school as well as your Lucky Lefty spouse who has everything…

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For your Little Lefty…

Learning everyday skills like tying your shoes can be a challenge for any child. This Lefty Kit includes Lefty Scissors, guides to help learn how to tie a shoe and how to write as a Lefty.

 lefty gifts lefty gifts

Red and Blue: Lefties Tie Shoes, Too!  Kindle Edition – FREE

This Lefty Shoe tying guide comes with lefty scissors, too!

Learning how to write and cut Lefty

Lefty gifts at School…

The biggest concern for me as an OT is that Lefty “hook” that many children develop when they start to write. Also- why is the cutting so jagged and choppy? It’s because Righty scissors have the blades set for a Righty! Many Lefties switch hands to cut because of this. This can be very confusing for a Kindergartner who is really busy trying to strengthen their hand dominance and hand strength. So some suggestions to help this…

This can be very confusing for a Kindergartner who is really busy trying to improve their hand dominance and hand strength. So some suggestions to help this… Lefty notebooks with the spirals on the other side (nothing to hook away from, Brilliant!) and Lefty Scissors.


 Lefty scissors can make a big difference when Little Lefties are just learning to cut. It can also stop your Lefty from switching hands when he or she cuts.  Lefty Notebooks have the spiral on the other side, so it doesn’t get in the way of the lefties arm when writing.  This lefty kit for school includes a notebook, lefty scissors, a Lefty Stabilo pen and a lefty sharpener. Awesome!



 A Slantboard is recommended for young lefties who have/are developing that “hooked” wrist. The Slantboard puts their wrist into extension (bent upwards), eliminating the hook.  Lefty Notebook set with Lefty Visio Pens


 This Lefty Activity Pad was specifically made for little lefties!


Stabilo makes a series of Lefty pens and pencils! These Lefty Visio pens are ergonomically shaped to provide lefty writers a comfortable, easy-to-use writing utensil!


Again, Lefties are notorious for having a dirty pinky side of the hand. This is because they write from left to right (as all English Language writers do) and the ink smudges on the pinky side of the hand as they move to the right to write the next word. This contributes to the “hook” so commonly seen in Lefties. Most adult Lefties are very picky about what kind of pen they use. Gel pens are best because the ink dries quickly. So here are some lefty gifts for your inky Lefty:

So here are some lefty gift ideas for your inky Lefty:

lefty gel pens  Lefty  lefty
Gel Pens are better for lefties because the ink dries faster This Gel Pen Set is perfect for your Inky Lefty!  How about a Lefty coloring book to encourage mindfulness and relaxation?

 LEFTY GIFTS FOR Lefties in the Kitchen… Uh-oh.

I don’t mean to generalize, but if you do a bit of research you will read that Lefties can be clumsy. Righties can be clumsy too, so the stereotype really stinks.  Especially because Lefties live in a Right-handed world. Simple everyday tasks like cooking dinner or making coffee can involve a right-handed tool like a Can Opener.

Here are some cute Lefty Gifts ideas to help our your Loveable Lefty in the Kitchen:

Lefty Can Openers can simplify a lefty’s life Lefty 4-in-1 folding corkscrew & bottle opener!   This Lefty Baker’s kit includes a Lefty Measuring Cup, no more twisting to read!


lefty knife  Lefty Chopsticks
 A Magic Slicing Knife- just for Lefties!  Training Chopsticks for Lefty or Righty!

LEFTY GIFTS For your “Techy Lefty” 

lefty gifts  lefty gifts   LEfty Gifts
 A reversible Ipad Case  A leather portfolio for Leftties!  A Left Handed Mouse….
Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!

I wish all of my readers a Happy, Healthy Holiday!


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