Valentine’s Activity

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A Valentine’s Day activity kids will love to do (and practice skills at the same time)! This packet is all hearts and flowers and bears—oh my! 

Five LOVELY activities that focus on various levels of developing skills in areas of matching, pre-writing, finding sentence mistakes (capitalization, punctuation, spelling, letter placement), handwriting, a ♥ maze of tangled heartstrings, and a Valentine’s Day word search. 

And Miss Jaime did not forget the adults… This packet includes a handy answer key.

Enjoy an 8-page LOVELY activity packet that develops skills while kids complete fun activities!

There is a Bear Match activity that challenges kids to match the bears to their mates by drawing a line from the bear to its identical match. Then, color the bears.

Trace the Shapes is a pre-handwriting activity sheet that has children trace the shapes to prepare those little hands for handwriting one day. 

Find the Mistakes has kids putting on their detective gear to identify mistakes in capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and letter placement. They identify the mistake by drawing shapes in the answer boxes and then rewrite the sentences the correct way. There's also an extra page for writing those sentences correctly if needed. 

Neatness Counts Heart Maze has the children tracing a maze of tangled heartstrings,

This packet is rounded out with a Valentine's Day Word Search with 12 terms of endearment. 

Miss Jaime also includes an Answer Key to make adult lives easier!


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