FUNctional Visual Perception Digital Workbook


My 2nd Edition!  A digital workbook featuring kid-friendly themes and subjects that can be used throughout the school year. Created by an Occupational Therapist, this workbook is perfect for helping children with visual perceptual difficulties. Perfect for telehealth activities. TWO LARGE FILES, so be sure to download to a computer, not a phone or tablet.

Second Edition—New & Improved! Now with a handy new Answer Key!

I'm so excited to share this value-packed resource. You'll use this resource all year AND year-after-year.


  • The Left/Right worksheets also work on visual-motor coordination by having children practice their pre-writing shapes as they complete the page.
  • The Figure-ground worksheet doesn’t just have the shapes “hidden” in a busy background. They may also be different sizes, facing different ways, or partially covered by another shape.
  • The Rotation worksheet addresses spatial relations by asking the children to figure out which shape is flipped while the rest are turned.  On the next page, children have the opportunity to cut out the shape, place it on a spinner and turn it to determine the answer in a more “hands-on” manner.
  • Patterns switch from AB, AAB, or AABB. The twist? The shapes are also turned, making the children generalize the forms even though they look a little different.


The worksheets are themed to include seasonal categories such as holidays and seasons as well as worksheets that can be used at any time of the year: sports, trains, beach fun, winter activities, picnic, etc.


    • 170 pages between the two files—priced at $29.99!
      • Workbook is 125 pages
      • Answer Key is 45 pages (two per page, landscape)
    • Pages are black and white, designed to encourage coloring and fine motor practice
    • Left/right pages feature pre-writing practice with circles and squares
    • Pattern pages feature a cut and paste to incorporate scissors and glue
    • Progress monitoring sheets are included for all four categories with percent accuracy calculation charts - No math needed.
    • WHAT ELSE?
    • Monthly and bi-monthly charting progress sheets are included
    • Rubrics are included for pre-writing, fine motor, and coloring skills


Add the Handouts to your Order


Bright and engaging handouts featuring different aspects of visual perception. These handouts are great for providing clear and concise information about how visual perception impacts a child's day. Each handout provides a definition of the term, red flags to look for, and helpful activities to use to promote the skill.


If you are a parent or a teacher looking to understand visual perception, these are the "Cheat sheets" you're looking for. If you're an occupational therapist, these handouts are a wonderful addition to your "OT toolkit."

Another great product to go with your VP Workbook is the milestone screeners and progress monitoring sheets! Two version address:

      1. Early Intervention and Preschool
  1. Toddlers

It's all right there! The resource also includes the references, so you can be confident this tool is evidence-based.


Your Questions, Answered!

What ages is this workbook appropriate for?

  • Elementary and Middle School Students
  • Special education students up to high school
  • The Left/Right and Pattern pages are easy enough for Kindergarten students.
  • The Figure-ground Challenge pages come in three levels of difficulty, so adults can choose the "just right" level.  Students have to search for 20, 30, or 40 hidden objects.
  • The "Which one has been flipped?" pages address form constancy, rotation, and spatial relations. These pages are more difficult but have a second page to "work out" which figures have been flipped by placing them on a spinner.

Who should buy this e-book/workbook?

  • These activities are an occupational therapist's dream, but any adult who wishes to help their child improve visual perception will love this book!
  • A therapist can use the book as a treatment activity and monitor their student's progress with the tracking sheets and charts. This is a wonderful way to assess a student's gains periodically throughout the school year using the percent accuracy charts and rubrics. Scoring and tracking take only seconds and provides an OT practitioner with an easy way to keep data.
  • Teachers can use the worksheets to address the foundational visual perceptual skills needed for math, reading, and life skills throughout the year with seasonal and fun themes.
  • Parents can use the pages to help children learn left and right, develop pattern awareness, and improve spatial relations.

May I use the pages more than once? 

Once you purchase the digital workbook, you may use the pages over and over. The entire workbook will download as a zip file. You may print the pages or keep the book digitally and print the pages that you need. The table of contents makes it easy to find the season, theme, or holiday you are looking for.

May I send pages home with students for homework or therapy carryover?

Please do!

What are the copyright rules? 

  • If you purchase the digital workbook, it is yours to keep and use forever.
  • You may print as many copies as you'd like after you've downloaded the file.
  • You may share a page with a teacher, parent, or colleague to help a student.
  • You may not distribute the book in its entirety (including via email, dropbox, shared drives, etc.) If you know someone who would love this book, please refer them to
  • You may not claim the files as your own.

Can I buy the book as a hard copy? 

Not yet. As of right now, the book is available as a digital download only. Hard copies may be available in the future!

How do I purchase the book?

This product is a digital download. When you place it in your cart and check out, you will be directed to pay via credit or debit card (via Stripe) or PayPal to complete the sale. Not familiar with Stripe? It's one of the safest ways to make purchases online today—and we use it because we care about you and your financial security.  The files will be emailed to you automatically after.

Something went wrong with my download—who should I contact?

Please allow ten minutes to receive the email with the file. If it isn't in your inbox, be sure to check your spam, junk, promotional, social, all mail—all the usual suspected hiding places. Many email providers (optonline, hotmail, aol, etc.)  send files with large attachments to spam or junk folders. GMail may send it to Promotional or Social folders. If you're downloading to a school or work address, check with your tech department, and ask them to whitelist, or release your product to your inbox.

Still can't find it? Uh-oh. no problem, we'll get you sorted out. Please email Please allow 1-2 business days for a response.


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