2021 recap: Advocacy for OT Wins

  • Our research on school OT & PT in NY is complete, and our article for AJOT is in the works. We’ve got some meaty information to help OTps & PTs advocate for equality in the schools- and I cannot wait for it to get published! (MJOT Goal #1 for 2022- Get research published in AJOT)

The World is Listening!

  • My colleagues and I were accepted to present on this topic (inequality of Occupational Therapists in the school systems) at WFOT (World Federation of Occupational Therapy), which means our audience is expanding – people are listening!


  • Nationally, this topic is becoming more and more well-known. In addition to the about Changing the Face of School OT – I presented with Jayson Davies, host of the OT Schoolhouse podcast at the Occupational Therapy Association of California. Jayson also turned our presentation into a podcast episode – you can learn all about WHY OT and PT are treated differently than psychologists, social workers, and speech therapists

AOTA is listening!

  • After multiple contacts with AOTA about our concerns for school-based OT in the USA, the American Occupational Therapy Association hosted a listening session with the State Leaders Community of Practice. This resulted in a whole page of resources and an infographic dedicated to school-based OT leadership. YESSSSS!!!!!

This year has been a busy one, and next year is looking just as good. I hope you’ll stay tuned and participate in our journey towards equality!

school OT left out of faculty photo, OTs are not equal, OTs are not included



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