How Do I Stop My Child from Pulling/Playing with Hair at Naptime?

Question from Jamie in Naples, Florida:

“Hey, Miss Jaime! Wondering if you have any sensory ideas to keep my daughter’s hands busy. She will be three in April. She would always play with her hair when she was tired and during self-soothing before bed, but it’s escalating to some pulling of her hair at school during nap time out of boredom, I believe since she will no longer take naps. I suggested giving her books to read, but is there anything else you would recommend?”

Replace the behavior…

Thank you so much for taking the time to write in. Most children (and adults for that matter) have habits or self-soothing behaviors that they find calming. Using her hands to play with her hair seems to be your daughter’s way of relaxing. Books are a good idea, but if your daughter is seeking sensory input, you may want to give her a tactile toy or blanket to replace the hair habit. You could also try pulling her hair back for a while (if it is long enough), so there is nothing to play with. Here are some cute, tactile blankets and toys that might help. I listed some “Taggies” products, but there are some popular fidgets and sensory products as well. Good luck! I hope this helps!


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Happy Fidgeting!

~Miss Jaime, O.T.

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