The DVPT-3 is my go-to eval tool. I like that it assesses both visual motor and visual perceptual skills. It’s easy to use and easy to score.

The DVPT-3 is a great eval tool for elementary school kids. There are 5 subtests, which result in three composite scores (Visual-Motor Integration, Motor-Reduced Visual Perception, and General Visual Perception). You can even use it with 6th graders, but the age limit is 12.

I prefer the DVPT-3 over some other eval tools because it’s easy to administer and score. The 5 subtests aren’t too long—so they’re good for littles who might not have the best attention span.


The DVPT-3: My Go-To Evaluation Tool


If you are looking to invest in an OT evaluation tool that is good for elementary school children, I definitely recommend the DVPT-3. It assesses both visual motor and visual perception, is easy to score, and quick to administer.

It’s important to remember to check the student’s visual efficiency skills before testing visual perception. Visual efficiency includes visual scanning, focusing, convergence and divergence, saccades, and accommodation. If the eyes aren’t working properly, the visual perceptual and visual motor results will be inaccurate. This isn’t about the child needing glasses (visual acuity). To learn more, click here: Uncovering Hidden Vision Deficits in the School Setting.

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