The DVPT-3 is my go-to eval tool. I like that it assesses both visual motor and visual perceptual skills. It’s easy to use and easy to score.

The DVPT-3 is a great eval tool for elementary school kids. There are 5 subtests, which result in three composite scores (Visual-Motor Integration, Motor-Reduced Visual Perception, and General Visual Perception). You can even use it with 6th graders, but the age limit is 12.

I prefer the DVPT-3 over some other eval tools because it’s easy to administer and score. The 5 subtests aren’t too long—so they’re good for littles who might not have the best attention span.


The DVPT-3: My Go-To Evaluation Tool


If you are looking to invest in an OT evaluation tool that is good for elementary school children, I definitely recommend the DVPT-3. It assesses both visual motor and visual perception, is easy to score, and quick to administer.

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