The BOT-2 is a unique evaluation tool because it actually includes motor and manipulation tasks. It’s a must-have for every school district and clinic, but too expensive for therapists to purchase on their own.

It can be difficult to explain standardized test scores to parents. I’ve created a blog post that explains it, along with a free printable that you can use as a visual when going over your test results.  Check it out here. 


Personally, I use the BOT-2 often. But just like any other assessment, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Your clinical observation skills will give you just as much information as a standardized score. AND the BOT-2 doesn’t look at visual perceptual skills, so you may want to use it along with a visual perceptual assessment. 

It’s important to remember to check the student’s visual efficiency skills before testing visual perception. Visual efficiency includes visual scanning, focusing, convergence and divergence, saccades, and accommodation. If the eyes aren’t working properly, the visual perceptual and visual motor results will be inaccurate. This isn’t about the child needing glasses (visual acuity). To learn more, click here: Uncovering Hidden Vision Deficits in the School Setting.


Quick and easy card activities and progress sheets to work on motor skills.


A 25-page printable packet that provides hours of fun manipulation tasks!  Perfect for parents, teachers, and therapists!  Use the progress monitoring sheets to easily keep track of your child’s goals.

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